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MTN Nigeria – The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognisable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents who we carefully nurture by continuously improving our employment offerings even beyond reward and recognition.

We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below:

Job Position: Manager, Service Operating Centre Assurance
Job Location
: Lagos
Employment status: Permanent

Job Description

  • Build a relationship between network health, business objectives and Customer Experience and Service Quality (translating NPM KPIs into customer experience)
  • Proactive and Reactive customer care for HVCs, Service Quality Management for entire customers
  • Drive and execute policies, processes and procedures aimed at improving quality of experience for high value customer (HVC) and priority locations.
  • Champion a service culture within the operations team and maintains service and operations-level agreements with other departments.
  • Monitor, track, analyze and report QoE and CEX related indicators ( KQI, CEI)
  • Provide service level demarcation/recommendation on ways to eliminate or reduce network problems
  • Engage with Managed Service Vendors to deliver improved Customer Experience
  • Liaise with Customer Experience on the Network related components of the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Engage with Customer Relations (CR), ensuring that network related customer feedback is resolved and closed
  • Relating with Business intelligence providing network insight to BI and interleaving network capacity and performance to financials and business objectives
  • Relating with the Radio Planning and Optimization team, ensure that all radio related issues are resolved and timely
  • Follow up with network complaints to ensure faster resolution of service quality issue and customer complaint calls.
  • Analyze and Report on Network Exceptions highlighting specific areas impacting on customer experience to provide a lead to resolution teams for targeted QoS improvements
  • Proactively and reactively measure and report end-user perceived service quality and provide a basis to drive improved experience
  • Monitor experience of VVIP / HVC customers and/or serving network elements , working with relevant team to guarantee steady/stable satisfactory experience
  • Serve the Division’s internal customers and provide solutions to improve the customer experience.
  • Strategic Partnerships with MTNN leadership team to drive awareness on expected behaviours and impact on non-compliance on bottom line results and company image/reputation.
  • Drive planned strategy for the successful delivery of MTN Group and MTNN transformation initiatives focusing on Customer centricity, including Perfect 10 Project.
  • Drive an increase in MTNN’s Net Promoter Score.
  • Work with IS teams, IP security, Commercial teams and NID to maximum value is derived from end-2-end service quality management.

Job Condition

  • Normal MTNN working conditions
  • May be required to work extended hours

Requirements, Experience & Training

  • First degree in Electrical & Electronics, or related fields.
  • 6-13 years’ experience in telecommunication environment which includes:
    • 3 years’ experience in Network Measurement & Customer complaint resolution
    • 3 years’ experience in Quality management
  • Good understanding of GSM Technology, ITIL Process,
  • Good knowledge of network technologies across verticals.


  • Power Business Intelligence
  • Gaining Insight & Creating Value with Business Intelligence
  • SIX SIGMA (Green Belt)
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Mobile Network Architecture and operations

Minimum qualification

  • BEd, BEng, B.Sc, BTech or HND.

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