In a video which emerged online and is making the rounds on social media, a white man is seen on a bus making use of his phone when a little boy sitting beside him stretches his neck to look at the phone.
The young black boy continued to peep in the white man’s phone, and when the man noticed the boy’s attention to his phone, he hands the phone over to the boy to play with.
Social media users have praised the man for his kindness, with some saying they wouldn’t have been so gracious were they in the man’s shoes.
The identity of the oyinbo man, the young boy or where the incident happened, were not ascertained by TORI News as at the time of filing this report.
Watch the video below courtesy of Wale Gates;

Wale Gates 🇳🇬🇬🇧


This world is full of better human beings than me…. 😍🙏🙌😍🙏🙌
He’s given his phone to a random kid to play a game on it. I won’t even give my daughter my phone.